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I look at reading to children in a DIFFERENT way! I'm a mom and certified reading teacher.


Welcome to my blog! Learning should be content rich AND fun at the same time. While I am currently a stay at home mom, I taught for 12 years. I tried to make everything I did a learning experience, and my students had FUN! I had the unique opportunity to do whole class reading enrichment with every class in a K-5 P5 school. I was required to come up with unique lessons that got kids excited about reading and writing, while also targeting standards. After teaching this for several years, I went on to teach first grade, and then Title 1 reading for struggling readers. I have a Master's Degree of Education in reading instruction. My passion in teaching is using children's literature to enhance instruction throughout the curriculum. I also want parents to learn how to use children's books to help their kids with language development, reading readiness, and bonding.


reading, rubber stamping, singing, and gardening